Everyone wants a smooth and pimple-free face, especially when it comes to hanging out with friends or participating in social functions (at least after lockdown, anyways). Finding the right skincare products for your unique skin type can be quite an overwhelming and tedious task. Thankfully, there has been research backed by science and technological advancements that have ensured there is a skincare product for almost everybody. Now, we haven’t tried every skincare range out there and everybody’s skin care is personal — but we do have 10 products we swear by. Let’s get started:


Our purchase was influenced by the hype and positive reviews of Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. Initially, we didn’t think this liquid exfoliant was going to make much difference to our skincare routine, but honestly we haven’t looked back since. If you’re looking for a product to change the texture of your skin, correct your skin tone and unclog pores, we totally recommend using this product. For just $30 you are going to be surprised how your skin looks and feels after using this product 1-2 times per week.


I’m sure you’re all familiar with the term ‘retinol’ as it constantly floods the beauty sphere and skincare market — but what does it mean beyond its technical name? Retinol, also known as Vitamin A, works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen, as well as improving skin colour and correcting skin tone. Our favourite retinol at the moment is the MEDIK8 Crystal Retinal due to its incredible plumping benefits. Unlike other forms of retinol, this product soaks deep into your skin quite quickly and instantly provides an incredible glow. It’s one of those products that you have to try to understand what we’re talking about!


We know we already recommended a MEDIK8 product, but we really couldn’t disregard their C-Tetra Vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is a fantastic product when concentrated correctly that will aid in repairing scars and pigmentation. When used in conjunction with SPF, this product will provide your skin with the ultimate protection from the sun, whilst promoting a bright and bouncy complexion. This product will allow your skin to feel instantly hydrated and when used often, it will allow you to witness the true vibrancy of your skin.


Okay, so we thought this was just another overrated product, however you heard it here – YOU NEED THIS! Not only is this little pink bottle of goodness filled with niacinamide, which will support and protect your skin barrier, it also leaves your complexion with the most beautiful glow and luminosity that even shines through makeup! Need we say more?


Now, we are shifting from traditional topical products to talk about LED Light Therapy. Our favourite LED mask would have to be the Peppy Co LED Mask. Not only is this probably one of the most affordable LED masks on the market,it comes with 3 light settings: yellow, red and blue. When used proactively LED light therapy is super effective at producing collagen, targeting and treating inflammation, and killing bacteria. We suggest 20-30 minutes of LED light therapy, 2-3 times per week for the best results. The beauty of this mask is that you bring the spa experience home as you listen to your favourite podcast while your skin absorbs all the benefits.


We all dread coming home after a night out to remove our makeup. From makeup wipes to oil-based removers — we’ve all tried them! So what’s our favourite method of makeup removal? We love the reusable washcloth from ASGFR as it is made from gentle microfibres that effectively seep into all your pores and remove all makeup within a few wipes. Throw away the makeup wipes and cotton pads, because not only does this wash cloth remove even the fullest coverage foundation, it is environmentally friendly with its sustainable approach. Follow up with your favourite cleanser and moisturiser application and you are ready for bed with cleansed skin.


The most important step of your skincare routine should always be SPF. If you’re not already using one, we suggest you start. Our pick? The Ultraviolette Range! Ultraviolette has an SPF option for all skin types whether you have dry or oily skin, that will leave your skin feeling hydrated, without the greasiness and most importantly, protected. Don’t forget your neck and décolletage. Let’s stay youthful and sun safe!


Skin care doesn’t just stop at your face. Let’s keep the skin on our bodies hydrated and glowing too! Our top pick for smelling like a Brazilian beach babe is the Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. Your skin will LOVE you for this and so will the people around you because it smells like a dream. Infused with the power of Guarana, your skin will be left feeling smooth whilst also working to stimulate circulation. We also love this product for its fast absorbing qualities that leave you looking instantly nourished.


Not everybody has the time for consistent facials, however our skin can benefit from a good detox every now and then. Our favourite at home mask treatment that decongests pores, absorbs excess oil and leaves your skin supple is the EVE LOM Rescue Mask. We love this product as it caters to many skin types and won’t leave your skin feeling dry and dehydrated after use. With its anti-blemish approach, your skin will feel squeaky clean and hydrated, without feeling stripped.


Last, and certainly NOT least — the Weleda Skin Food Moisturiser. This product is literally food for your skin! It’s a rich, thick and super hydrating moisturiser that will leave your skin feeling and looking luxurious. Whilst this super hydrating product might not be the most preferred leave on cream for all skin types, you can even use this as a rinse off hydrating mask for a quick dose of instant luminosity. We like to describe this product as a glass of water for your pores. Your skin will not be able to get enough of the suppleness and bounce this product delivers!

So, that sums up our take on skincare products. We hope our list provides some sort of direction to finding the perfect skin products for your skin. Remember the skin is actually the largest organ in your body — make a conscious decision to start investing in its health and vibrancy — you will look and feel better!


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