After what seems like a never-ending time stuck indoors, we can feel the fresh breeze of the summer approaching as we patiently wait for the sun to kiss our bodies. So how do you welcome a new season exactly? We believe it’s essential to start with new energy as we shift into a new cycle of nature’s influence on our being. 

It has been a long time since many of us have felt uplifted or excited for life in general because of the lockdown slug. So, let’s re-emerge our spirits and shift our energy to welcoming the warmer season with our top picks for summer 21. Here’s what you’ll need: 



A trend that is gaining plenty of heat on social media and will make you nostalgic of your youth that resembled crafting beads to make your own charms after school. Today, these candy-coloured strands represent a fun way to attach your own sense of style and happiness to your phone. 


It goes without saying that you need a beach towel to accompany your stay by the water. But we want you to take your beach towel game a little more seriously and invest in something that resonates with your personal style. For us, the Zimmermann ‘St Tropez’, Jaquemus, and Golden Hour beach towels are what we’re all about when we hit the sand. 

3 - HATS

For style and, of course, protection — you can’t go wrong with a hat! This summer, we are vibing with a pop of green and subtle nude hues. And to get into the spirit of summer, we appreciate the LOEWE straw hat from their Ibiza collection and the Jacquemus cotton bucket hat. Jump on the bungee-style chin strap because we believe it’s going to be a thing this summer. And, of course, if your budget can’t be stretched, we recommend the standard Golden Hour cap. All of which are the perfect beach/poolside accessory. 


We’re nostalgic over the teen days that remind us of our friendship bracelets. If you’re not sure what we mean, check out the jewellery options you need for this summer below: 



And ofcourse it goes without saying you need a gorgeous pair of bikinis to accompany your stay. Check out our current obsessions below:  

6 - SPF

And most importantly, don’t forget to pack your sun protection. Add this TKA favourite to your fishnet bag to shield your face and skin from harmful UV rays. 



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