Taking Stock – How To Live Your Best Life


Here we are, just over three months into 2022 and what better time to take stock and assess where we are, where we want to be and how well we’re performing in implementing all those New Year’s Resolutions we made or any goals we’ve set for ourselves. 

The New Year, like Monday, represents the beginning of something new and an ability to hit refresh. Of course, consistency is key and this can be done at any time but in our collective minds these times are symbolic for being able to create something fresh or different, to pick yourself up and start again or to continue more ferociously and persistently towards what we are seeking to achieve.  

No matter where we are at in terms of our progress, it’s important to always take a moment to think about our lives and the direction we want to take – to improve our current situations, to create something new for ourselves, to assess how fulfilled we are and to honestly think about what it is that we need to live a fulfilling life. Each one of us is different so this is not going to look the same for everyone but what is likely to be identical across the board is our desire to live our lives to the fullest – to be the most sparkly, shiny versions of ourselves and to make the most of everyday. 

We thought this was the best time to do this now as one quarter of the year has already passed, and we want to ensure we’re all staying accountable to ourselves.  

So, to help you get back on the horse, or remove the clutter – everything that is stopping you from doing what you want – we want to share some of the tips we’ve learnt below on how to set goals and achieve them. 

1. Define your goals:

Write it down. Don’t keep them locked up in your mind. Putting pen to paper is almost the first step towards succeeding in reaching your goal. If you are just thinking about them then they will remain thoughts that come and go like many others. 

When you write something you want to achieve down, it will allow you to refine it and then branch off into implementing a plan to help you achieve it. It works almost like a to-do-list, it’s there, it needs to get done, so there’s no point dilly-dallying when it comes to your innermost desires. 

You can have a long-term goal and then a subset of short-term goals that help you achieve it.

2. Make a vision board:

You might think that this is not for you, and you may shy away from the idea of having a visual representation of the things you want to achieve and be, the locations you wish to see and the states of being you want to find yourself in and feel. If you are hesitant at all or feel this is for someone else and not you, then that’s even more reason to break through that reluctance and make sure your own journey is placed back in the center. According to Psychology Today, this is a type of mental training that helps us connect our thoughts with our behaviour which in effect contributes to us achieving goals.    

So, for example, you may see or hear a quote, image or word that really resonates with you and what you want to do and be. The idea is to cut it out and place it on a board or inside a book as a visual representation of what you envision for yourself so you can work hard towards achieving it. But there are no rules – you can be as creative and crafty as you want. These can be everchanging, you might need to chop and change often so be open to it and the idea of your own evolution through this process. Isn’t that what you want? 

3. Keep circling back:

Remember, our goals and desires are not unimportant things. We think about them, we write them down and we want to act upon them because they are significant to us, to you. It is about integrity, our ability to align ourselves in everyday life with everything that speaks to our soul and mind. Without it, we may feel broken, unworthy, and unfulfilled – ingredients that lead to a recipe for lack of direction and discontentment. Creating that unsettling feeling and state of being that none of us enjoy.  

Our suggestion then is to include this as part of your self-care routine, so you are continuously revisiting everything you want for yourself and making sure you are making progress towards it and crushing everything that holds you back. Think about how great that would make you feel, right now. Do it.  

Yes, we know, quite gratifying. Felt great? Now go on and be that!



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