6 Ideas For TikTok Content Creation


As the only social media app allowing for organic growth, TikTok has quickly become the latest go-to social platform for business owners and content creators. The secret to TikTok’s success lies with their custom For You page, and their magical algorithm. Now, almost anyone can go viral by creating engaging and original content – including you. TikTok has changed the way audiences consume creative content, and by making video popular again, Instagram has fallen behind. 


So, we’re here to tell you to stop stressing over the algorithm changes on Instagram and create content that can go viral in a matter of minutes by embracing TikTok. Since the platform is all about original and engaging content, we’re going to share tried and true content ideas that are most effective for marketing your brand. TKA recommends:

Brand Takeovers

TikTok users love when you switch it up and engage a content creator (that aligns with the value of your brand and audience) to take over your page and create content using your products or services.


Before launching a new product or service, keep your audience anticipating the reveal by sharing little snippets to keep them guessing (yes, we know it’s hard when you’re so excited to share it all). 


When your audience becomes invested in your brand, values and persona, naturally questions they want to be answered arise. Q&A’s provide opportunities to bond with your audience and tame their curiosity. All you have to do is video duet your user comments with your answers.


A Day In The Life

Proven to be an audience favourite! This gives a glimpse of what your day to day life looks like, an opportunity to plug your brand, office, team and, most importantly, the person behind the camera to your audience.

How To's

A great way to showcase your knowledge of the different services you offer, and take your audience through a virtual experience that explains how to use your products. Informational content helps keep your audience educated, whilst demonstrating your expertise. 

User-Generated Content

Collaborate with like-minded individuals who align with your brand values to create on-brand content (think hauls, try-ons, videos trying your product/service, or even create your brand challenges). The potential for collaboration is endless!

So, there you have it, our take on content ideas that prove to maximise audience reach on TikTok. Before we wrap things up, we have a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your content:


– TikTok users can search keywords in the app, so your captions must resonate with your content theme.


– Always use closed captions as your TikTok audiences appreciate them, but most importantly for user accessibility. 


– Save trending sounds to match your edited content creation. Trending sounds are a great way to stay relevant and keep your audience engaged. 


– The nature of TikTok’s app means it’s easy to edit videos using the inbuilt video recorder. However, use apps like Inshot, Videoleap and spice to record/edit, and give your content a visually appealing twist.


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